View Full Version : Knoxville 8/15-8/21

08-05-2010, 08:44 PM
I'll be in the Knoxville area from the 15-21. Any suggestions on a good BBQ place? I'll be in Crossville 14-15, Johnson City area 15-17, Maryville the 17th and the Hilton in Knoxville the 18-21. If there isn't any good BBQ any suggestions on some good country fried steak, greens and fried okra? And I don't mean Cracker Barrel.


08-26-2010, 08:16 PM
I just joined so sorry I missed your trip. But I'll leave these notes for future travellers.

In Johnson City Dixie Barbeque is popular. The meat is nothing special, has a great variety of good sauces, and solid side dishes.

I would recommend Phil's Dream Pit for some tasty q'. I'm not big on their sauce or sides though. But it is a great value too. Their meat is a lil on the over-smoked side for me though.

Ridgewood BBQ in nearby Bluff City is widely known as the best in the area. It is excellent but unique. They do smoked and sliced pork or beef. They reheat it on a flat top and add on their famous sauce. All of theirs sides are great too. Even Tyler Florence loves it: http://twitpic.com/1pslrm