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07-25-2010, 05:24 PM
Competed in a small non sanctioned rib cookoff this past weekend and I was very surprised we won! I was confident in our ribs but there was no rules on the turn in containers. Some teams turned in with tin pans and some with styrofoam boxes. Me being used to competing in only MBN contest to this point used thier rules for turn in (styrofoam box no garnish) when I started watching everyone else they had all kinds of diffrent garnish and they all look nicely decorated. The ribs were being judged on taste tenderness and apearance. So of course we knew we had the taste and tenderness part but with the judges just being people who were pulled out of the crowd we figured they would judge all the garnish instead of just the meat so I was chalking this comp as a learning experience and I'll do it next time. After all of the judging was done the person running the comp handed out all of our score sheets and I noticed that we had not been docked in apperance bad at all, so I talked to some of the judges after and it had turned out that some how they knew it was on apperance of the meat only.(and I don't think anything was said to them before judging)
So we were very surprised to learn we had won a nice trophy and a little financial compensation. My wife was late to the comp so we didn't get any pics there but I do have one of our pit with our trophy the next day after we got home.

Big Mike
07-25-2010, 08:28 PM
Congratulations on the win!!!! It's always a good feeling when something you put out there to be judged does well.

07-26-2010, 12:16 PM
Congrats, nice pit!