View Full Version : Payne's BBQ in Memphis

07-20-2010, 05:22 PM
Many many threads on here about cooking BBQ - this one is about EATING 'Q. In Memphis there is a 'Q joint on Lamar, a converted gas station but nowhere as nice as OK Joe's.

About all they sell is chopped pork sandwiches - but what sandwiches they are. After you go to the window and order you hear the "rat-a-tat" of Momma chipping your pork - the sandwich is on a crummy hamburger bun it has a bunch of wonderful pork and some nasty looking slaw in ugly green sauce. You take a bite and you are transported to heaven. The pork is wonderful - melt in your mouth until you hit a crunchy bit of Mr. Brown. The richness of the pork is wonderful with the acidity of the slaw.

Guys, you gotta try it. The regular size chipped pork is $3.50 and the large only $5.00