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07-16-2010, 07:18 PM
Heading to a comp in a few weeks where there is a peoples choice pork.people will come around to the teams set up and taste there pork. All this is being done while turn ins are going on and after. My question is. Is it wrong to feed these people our other meats as well. I mean its gonna be sittin there they are gonna be lookin at it smellin it. Is it wrong to through the guy who loves brisket a piece with his pork cup. I just need some direction here I don't wanna step on anyones toes.

07-16-2010, 08:40 PM
I would say that would give you an unfair leg up on the rest of the teams. Who wouldn't vote for the guy that fed him good. I'd guess that alot of people can't afford to give away contest meat (myself included). Bottom line, ask the organizers.

07-16-2010, 08:53 PM
In reality, it won't matter. When it isn't a blind judging, local people almost always win.

Captain P.J.
07-16-2010, 08:58 PM
I agree with Gerrit Boys. My last comp I had easily 10 pounds of pork shoulder left while the ribs, chicken and brisket were attacked by both my and wifes familys.

07-17-2010, 08:19 AM
I wouldn't enter any other meat unless it is ok'ed by the organizer. In most cases, it is a way for them to raise money for the contest or for a charity. Depending on the cause, they may allow it. We almost always do the P.C., but never expect to win.

Lake Dogs
07-17-2010, 10:26 AM
99.9% of the time a local team will win, regardless of how much Q you give out and
regardless of whether it's brisket or pulled pork. There's nothing wrong with this
(local team winning). This is how they raise money for their charity. Have fun; enjoy
it; give out what you want.