View Full Version : Pit stop in Stockholm

07-05-2010, 10:57 AM
From Helsinki,
we took a ferry to Stockholm for the day. This turns out to be extremely cost effective as the ferry ride is cheaper than the hotels. We continued our talks in the ship's casino.


You can see the ferry is good size and this year they are celebrating Moomintroll's 65th anniversary.


Smokey was excited by the voyage and had to come out on the main deck to say goodbye to Helsinki.


Bob did not tell me not to go to my favorite ice creamery. I was extremely upset when I found that it had been sold to Ben and Jerry's. I only eat ice cream in Sweden and Italy and was completely depressed. Can't believe people would get Ben and Jerry's in Sweden, but that is the case. We found another place up the street.


I especially like the homemade cones.


We left for Helsinki that night and stopped at Marienheim in Alund at midnight, just enough time to take a picture of the sunset.