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3 Rivers BBQ
06-29-2010, 11:07 AM
Coming up on July 9 - 10 in Greenwood SC is the Festival of Discovery and it is my first time doing a KCBS event. The cookoff has about 80 teams signed up to attend. I have done a few SCBA events and was wondering about a few things. Now I am in the backyard division, so it is just pork, ribs and chicken. I live in pork bbq country, so I have zero experience with brisket...for now. Anyway... Is a chicken wing turn-in too big of risk? Do KCBS judges lean towards the sweet or spicy flavor profiles? Outside of having fun and keeping it simple, what advice can some of you veteran Quers give. I plan on lots of pics of teams and of course the turn-in boxes. Thanks from Gerald of Three Rivers BBQ

Lake Dogs
06-29-2010, 11:53 AM
KCBS specifics (from what I've experienced 'round here):

Ribs - NOT fall off the bone, and not even pull-off, but should be tender enough to
bite through cleanly. For MBN we'd want these cooked about 15 minutes longer and
be pull off but not fall off. More of a light glaze sauce than *sauced*.

Chicken - probably need to look at thighs; easier to keep moist/tender and not
be rubbery (skin). Could go without skin. Wings, if it's your best chicken, then
go with it. Just make certain skin isn't rubbery.

Pork - Generally MBN folks use a little less sauce than KCBS, from what I've seen.
Dont glop sauce. Sauce should compliment/enhance meat flavor, but not overpower
it (it's not a sauce contest). However, a non-complimentary sauce can kill an
otherwise good pork entry. Dont be afraid to go without sauce if your pork is
better this way.

HOT. If at all possible, make sure the meat goes out as hot and as tender as
possible. Cold is a sure way (been there; done this) to land in the bottom 3rd.

As far as flavor profiles... Not terribly sweet, and certainly not terribly hot.

Lake Dogs
06-29-2010, 02:15 PM
We were seriously considering doing this competition as my partner in crime is from
Greenwood, and we both grew up waterskiing on Lake Greenwood. It's part of a
3'fer with Watkinsville (very close to me here) and another one in Augusta.
Unfortunately $$$ this year for us have been extremely tight, so these didn't make
the cut for us. Perhaps next year.

Best of luck!! Knock 'em dead.

You've seen pics of turn-in boxes, yes? Look closely at those that have fared well
and those that didnt. Neatness counts.