View Full Version : Went to Lockhart/Luling last weekend

06-20-2010, 10:08 PM
Me and a buddy made a road trip last weekend to Lockhart. Hit Kreuz and Smitty's.

The brisket was good at both places. The pork ribs were a so-so at both places. Kreuz had good flavor, but they were undercooked so a little tough. Smitty's ribs were better cooked but their rub was way too sweet. Wasn't crazy about the sausage at either place.

Next trip we will hit Blacks.

Found out something I did not know. We decided to take a side trip through Luling on the way back to San Antonio because I wanted some of their sauce. Found out that Luling City Market BBQ in Luling has NOTHING to do with Luling City Market BBQ in Houston.

It was the Houston sauce that I was wanting to get so it was a wasted trip except we found that Luling has a great Farmer's market. Picked up a bag of purple hull peas and some great tomatoes.

Anyone know the story there?