View Full Version : Helping the Homeless - Charlotte, NC

06-01-2010, 04:06 PM
Hi all - I volunteer at a homeless shelter here in Charlotte, NC on a regular basis and had the idea to put on a BBQ for them this summer. I am trying to find some support as I am only one man with one WSM and I'm told I could get up to 300 people if the weather is nice. So any of you out there in the Charlotte area willing to pitch in please let me know (Disclaimer - we also have to pay for the food). The two dates available are July 18th and August 15th (cook Saturday night, serve Sunday for lunch). I am not a competition cooker and the biggest event I've done was 50 people so this is quite a step up. I'm thinking ~200 lbs (uncooked) of Boston Butts should get us close. We could even get crazy and turn it into a mini-competition if there are enough of us - the more the merrier! Thanks in advance