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Capt ron
05-23-2010, 05:50 AM
Hello everyone!!!,
Made it back from Memphis in May un-scaved and lil bit more educated in the art of bbq. Let me tell you all if you get the chance to go out to compete in this comp do it or even just go as a spectator... Do It!!! It was awesome!!! I compete with Tucker Cookers. This was our first year and we fared well in out categories and there was some areas improvement is needed but that's always expected. What's the fun in if you can't improve...

We placed:
9th in Poultry out of 93
13th In Tomato Sauce out of 126
29th in Baked Beans out of 77
54th in Mustard Sauce out of 60
38th in Vinegar Sauce out of 60
49th in Seafood out of 93
50th in Seafood out of 65
64th in Hot Wings out of 98
70th in Beef out of 92
109th in Wings out of 113 Needs improvement
http://www.azbarbeque.com/forums/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=7489.0;attach=7807 ;image
Tucker Cooker

Not bad for a first time out and having cooks that never met from all over the USA until the first day except online. To come together and cook as a team and not a individual... That is a awesome accomplishment in it's self. So proud of the the team. Can't wait for next year!! :-D
Thank you, Holly, George, Kyle, and Tucker Cookers for bringing us all together for the BBQ comp!

05-23-2010, 06:21 AM
I went as a spectator in 1997. Went with some freinds and I didn't know there was such a thing as a BBQ contest.. That weekend did it all to get me fired about about wanting to compete.. just took 7 years after that to finally do it.

05-23-2010, 11:42 AM
Ron: Glad you had a good time here in Memphis. Wish you could have come by our booth and said hello. We had alot of Brethern from the internet in our booth also. There is always next year.

Capt ron
05-23-2010, 06:32 PM
Hey Mike!!!
Sorry i didn't really have a chance to stop by your site... I will definitely be by next year... You know the first time is... Overwhelmed, excited, and in need of a kleenex when done...lol
Hope you all had a great time at MIM. I know I did and can't wait for next year!!!