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Sillius Sodus
05-01-2010, 10:25 PM
On the 18th of this past month, I ordered my first bottle of Dirt. I was attracted to Todd's site because of the large NO GLUTEN advertising that I noticed on this site. See, my wife cannot eat anything with gluten as an ingredient. So no wheat products for her. Nothing with autolyzed yeast extract (read: NO MSG) as well. And since I love to cook on the grill - well, since I love to cook period - I wanted to include my wife in the things that I love to eat.

The first item that I cooked on the grill after receiving the Dirt were chicken thighs. Ummm. Really for me mostly though because my wife really doesn't like dark meat. So I loaded up both sides of the thighs with my new Dirt seasoning and proceeded to cook each piece about 4-5 minutes each side. I then put some Bone Suckin Sauce on each side and OMG...I have never in my life had a thigh that tasted that good that was that simple to cook! Seriously, that stuff is the bomb! She actually had two thighs because of the flavor.

Since then, I have taken from the cabinet all the miscellaneous spices that we had in there and thrown them in the trash.

I have since tried Dirt in tuna fish (wonderful), on pizza (get away salt), on ribeyes (incredible), and am now eating some Dirt on mac and cheese as I am typing this. Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to be cooking us some wings on the grill to have while we watch the Red Wings play. They will be cordially introduced to Dirt!

My wife has since posted about Dirt on a gluten free message board as being something that simply has to be tried.

Thank you Todd for your perfect seasoning. I will be ordering more - in a much larger bottle - soon. :thumb:

05-02-2010, 09:13 PM
Thank you for the DIRTY words. Please thank your wife also. I am glad you are enjoying getting DIRTY.
"The Dirt Man"