View Full Version : Lil' Porqy's

04-18-2010, 09:18 PM
Went to the Champaign, Il location on W Springfield.
We were driving home and decided to stop in here for some lunch.
A cool looking Famous Dave's is a block or 2 away in a old round barn. cool building. here's a pic i found on some website

anyway, porqys is a neat place.
got out of the car and they had the good smell i was smelling for. smoke coming out of the roof. nice "jointy" looking place.

i had a pork sandwich with fries, 1/4 rack (4 ribs), sweet tea
wife had 1/2 chicken with corn and a lemon shake up (lemonade type drink)

scale of 1-10

pork sammy-5 (was sliced, not pulled, just plain, oversauced, no rub)
ribs-3 (sorry to give a bad rib review, but the ribs were VERY fatty, the weren't cooked long enough, they weren't cut all the way through, i had to pull so hard that i was afraid that i would fling bbq all over the place when it broke off. seriously ,WAY undercooked. no rub, the sauce was on the top only, just a tragedy)
chicken-9 (this was sunday's special for $4.80!!. Cooked well, sauced well, great chicken)
sweet tea-8 (damn good)
lemon shake up-8 (damn good)
corn-9 (cooked very well, this was also a whole ear of corn. not a KFC halfer.)
value-9.5 1/2 a chicken and an ear of corn for $4.80 doesnt get much better than this!!!

this place's sauce was different. that was refreshing. had some kinda allspice or something. my wife said that it was a sauce she would remember if she was judging it. i thought it was damn good even though my stuff kinda sucked.

here's the website