View Full Version : Roll Call. Inside 30 days. The last word on Barnesville

blues brother
04-13-2010, 08:10 AM
Just a few last words on Barnesville and I'll shut up for a year (maybe).

Confirmation letters went out last Friday, everyone should have it by this week. There is a ticket enclosed for the concert on Saturday nite.

Teams coming into Barnesville on Thursday before 8 pm must go to the staging area at Ingles parking lot, behind the gas pumps. This is located at the intersection of Highway 18 and Highway 341. There will be a tent set up for check in and you can pick up your cook team bag.

Thursday teams, please come to the United bank for the kick off party, free food and beer. I will make sure you get to and from.

Wireless internet will be available (password will be in your cookteam bag).

The Cooks meeting is at 5pm in the First United Methodist Church, please no alcohol in the church.

The Barnesville womens League is providing cook teams and their friends as well as all of our volunteers and FBA reps and judges with a spaghetti dinner right after the meeting. Please stay and eat or feel free to take a to go plate back to your site. They are accepting donations. Thanks in advance for supporting one of Barnesville's oldest charitable organizations.

If anybody is coming late Thursday night, please let me or Amanda or TJ know in advance. I will be on site all weekend and will make sure you can get into your site with as little delay as possible.

Please note...Amanda's cell is 770-378-2129, There is a typo on the confirmation letter.

If you need my cell, please send me an email tmaiken213@yahoo.com (tmaiken213@yahoo.com) or send me a PM.

I hope everyone has a safe trip here and back home and that you all score lower than me! :becky:

PS...We still have room for totally self-contained teams. Contact Amanda asap 770-358-5884.