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05-16-2004, 08:29 PM
I guess this belongs in the “Road Trip” Forum.

My cousin & I went down the road a piece to visit with a bunch of Q fanatics yesterday that were having a local cook off. It was for a local charity called “Carolina Children’s Home”. It was the 17th annual. It started out in the (front yard) and has developed into quite a shindig, now being held at the State Fairgrounds.
From what it looked like they had teams from all over the State. I counted about 30.
As I told Mary awhile back I was going to scope out the competition for maybe next year. I’m glad I did.
I’m not setup for what they do.
From what I was told the entry fee is $200 and that includes a whole hog.
Yep the competition is pork only (and I mean pork). All the competitors cooked a whole hog each.
The night before they have a big party called “Save the pig” where each team cooks something that is anything but pork. Everything from Beaufort Stew to Chicken Gumbo (all quite tasty). These dishes are not judged. Then the next day the judging on the hog competition starts. It’s over by 10am and all the pork is gathered up shredded & chopped for plates for the “guests”. All the proceeds go to the Carolina Children’s Home. Quite a noble cause, and I applaud them, but as I said, I’m not setup for a competition like this
I didn’t see an offset smoker in the bunch.
Everything was direct over the coals cooking S.C. style.
Their bad!!!!!!!
I’ve cooked whole pigs in this traditional manner, but prefer offset low & slow for taste & tenderness. Don’t get me wrong, their Q is good, but I prefer mine (ours).

I've got more pics, but my ISP is being an SOB. Post them later maybe???