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blues brother
04-07-2010, 10:13 AM
Barnesville is full. 47 pro teams paid. 4 on a waiting list.
We have permission from the city as well as some private property owners to allow cookers to use some space for primitive cook sites...No water and no electric.
First come first serve. Based on the size of the units.
We ask for quiet generators. You will be able fill water containers nearby.

Contact Amanda asap if you are interested.
http://www.barnesville.org/pages/BBQ_&_Blues/index.php?dirVar=pages/BBQ_&_Blues/ (http://www.barnesville.org/pages/BBQ_&_Blues/index.php?dirVar=pages/BBQ_&_Blues/)

There is still room in Backyard(no power no water) Check out the website for more details.