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04-06-2010, 08:53 PM
(message from Carol Whitebook, posted on WWW.KCBS.US (http://www.KCBS.US)
The revised edition of the advisories are found in the download section of the web site.)

The Contest Representative Advisories have been updated to include all of the 2009 advisories passed by the board.

The Contest Representative Advisories are opinions rendered by the Board of Directors of Kansas City Barbeque Society, which are intended to give additional guidance and interpretation of the Rules and Judging procedure of Kansas City Barbeque Society.
Some of the advisories pertain to competition, some to judging and some to expectations of Contest Reps or Organizers.
These advisories are being provided to the members in order they may better understand the rules, judging and expectations of Contest Reps.
Carol Whitebook
Contest Rep Chairperson
Kansas City Barbeque Society