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03-23-2010, 10:41 AM
1st Annual Buffalo Blues 'N BBQ Festival

Anyone interested in helping out with this? Could be a cool way to promote BBQ in WNY, and help out Roswell Park at the same time

It is Saturday August 7th...I believe there are no contests this weekend

When I lived in Memphis, we did a fundraiser for St. Jude very similar to this. The festival was able to get pork butts, charcoal, plates, napkins and plastic forks donated by a local distributer, and got about 10 competition teams to cook em. They gave us each $100 for expenses. A central coupon booth charged $1 a piece for coupons. The teams would serve BBQ for a specified amount of time - for us it was 3 hours. 11am-2pm in a long booth with rented warmers behind us to make the health dept happy. BBQ teams were given a centralized measuring device (same size ice cream scoops) to keep portioning exact. Now here's where the competition part came in. The amount of coupons collected showed who won. Teams turn in their coupons and they are counted...The winners are announced in between bands later that night.

We would all just get trophys, no money, but its for cancer research...

Just drumming up interest, nothing set in stone yet with the festival.

03-23-2010, 10:42 AM
Shoot...I thought I was in comp forum...sorry for the mis-post