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03-19-2010, 10:05 AM
Last night I was cleaning the basement and watching a little collage basketball and decided to check out the new podcast of the March KCBS BOD meeting. Let me tell you guys, these folks work pretty hard at what they do. I have a new prospective on what I thought was going on at the meetings. The first several minuets were kind of slow and then it pick up and I thought it was pretty interesting. There was lots of info on contest sanctioning, date changes and rules for the competitor series application that I found helped me understand why they did what they did. They all seemed to get along and were able to reslove the diffrenses they had pretty quickly and in my oppinion the final outcome of the motions seemed like the correct ones to me. I know its not an excuse but even some of the members who seem to "no report" quite often had some good info to provide on certain subjects. Let me also tell you that Merl has his #%&$ together and seemed to be on top of everything. Not that the other members didn't it was just very obvious in the first 10 minuets of the meeting that Merl seemed to know about every issue that was brought up. Anyway if you care about the competition side of things please check it out on the kCBS website its a bit long but worth listening. Also please let them know that you liked it so it will continue.

03-19-2010, 10:50 AM

I didn't know that they had recorded it. I'm looking forward to listening to it!