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03-15-2010, 11:44 AM
I am guessing this is worn territory, but here we go...

I would like to try and organize a BBQ competition in the KC area. I am not looking for any sanctioning, as this would be a fund raising activity affiliated with a local club, just a fun event to involve club members. Since this is the first try for the event we are looking for some basic guidelines and considerations for hosting an event. The only comp I have been to was the GAB last year, and that is just a tad little larger scale than what I am planning...:shock:

I am guessing there will be about 10 teams competing, and upwards of 200 people actually attending the event. I think the idea would be some sort of 1 day competition, where each team would cook all day, and the judging /sampling would be held that night. Since this is the first year, i am thinking of only having a couple categories since these teams are not "serious competitors"

I assume the largest hurdle would be to secure a location that would meet all the needs of said competition.

I did a search within the forum and found good info, but not enough specifics to get me started in this direction.

With all that said, do you guys have any links/information I could review and submit to the club board in order to get this ball rolling? Any resources you could direct me to would be great.

Thanks in advance for any input.