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03-05-2010, 11:31 AM
I had the chance to check out the new competition BBQ book written by our very own George Hensler of Who Are Those Guys? and would highly recommend it not only to anyone who is thinking about starting a team, but its also a fun read for existing competitive cooks!

Here's part of the review I just put on my blog here (http://blog.smokeindaeye.com/2010/03/05/we-didnt-start-the-fire-but-we-read-the-book.aspx).

Last week, we were fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of George Hensler's "Startin' the Fire (http://www.amazon.com/Startin-Fire-George-W-Hensler/dp/1890689149/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1267801451&sr=8-1)," a book that will quickly emerge as the go-to resource for individuals looking to start their own competition barbecue teams.

First, the basics. The book (MSRP $12.99 plus shipping) is a smallish paperback, perfect for stuffing in your back pocket as you feel your way through its step-by-step guide to competitive cooking. Over the book's 29 easy (and amusing) to read chapters, George covers off everything from selecting a team name and the proper equipment to invest in to equipment needs and food safety and shigging (the "theft" of cooking techniques from other teams during contests). George even includes a variety of team logos throughout the book including one that does not include a cartoon pig but instead involves a skull and crossed BBQ tools. And some smoke in da eye of the skull. Anyway, back to the book.

Early on, George tells the tale of one of his team's first and most favorite contests, New Holland Summerfest 2007. I mention this because that also happens to be when our team first met George and WATG? As George mentions, it was hotter than a whore on dollar night that weekend and everyone was struggling to get 6 categories completed and turned in a three hour window while not passing out. We all survived and settled in to awards, not expecting much based on the critique our neighbor and good friend Jack McDavid had provided of our entries. But we sat anyway and were amazed to get a first place call in the first category, sausage. Soon they began calling results for chicken and when they got to third place we heard "WHO ARE THOSE GUYS?"

Well I sure as h#ll didn't know who those guys where but one of our friends Steve (aka Sledneck of R2BQ barbecue team) couldn't get over the name and soon we were all cheering their walk to the stage...(continued here (http://blog.smokeindaeye.com/2010/03/05/we-didnt-start-the-fire-but-we-read-the-book.aspx))

Jacked UP BBQ
03-05-2010, 01:59 PM
I have the book, cannot wait to start reading it

Smokin' Gnome BBQ
03-05-2010, 02:36 PM
great write up Clint...getting a copy tomorrow, cant wait to read it!!!

good luck George, hope this hits the best seller list!!

03-05-2010, 08:29 PM
I just purchased my copy, cant wait to get it.

03-06-2010, 09:23 AM
:-P Thanks fellows, I appreciate the comments. I am in Albuqurque NM at the Fiery Foods & BBQ Festival today hope to see a few Brethren here!

03-06-2010, 09:30 AM
Startin the Fire-(a book) Everything you need to know about starting a competition BBQ team. (except the recipes)

Ya know... I'd buy the book if it had the recipes. :rolleyes:

Good luck with the book, George!

03-06-2010, 03:16 PM
Just got mine today can't wait to read. Me as a reader I was glad it wasn't too thick. :-P

03-08-2010, 08:23 PM
Ya know... I'd buy the book if it had the recipes. :rolleyes:

Good luck with the book, George!

If I knew how to cook, I might have tossed a few in!:-D
Thanks Ron!

03-08-2010, 08:46 PM
does not include a cartoon pig but instead involves a skull and crossed BBQ tools. And some smoke in da eye of the skull. Anyway, back to the book.

The you GOD in heaven!!! I hope this is a trend!

03-09-2010, 10:09 AM
it would be a nice trend...

03-09-2010, 10:31 AM
I have the book and started reading it and had to fend off my 12 year old from reading it over my shoulder. Then she started reading it when I put it down and now I have not seen it since... I know she is laughing while she is reading it though... So it must be good!!! :wink:

I did read the chapter on shigging though. Should of given credit to the Midwest BBQ Mafia and the Smack Talk BBQ for being the creative force behind creating shigging. Oh and the Clonsicle was invented by me, who gave it to Clone as a present for helping me out at a contest... He said he liked frozen bombsicles pops and I made him an adult version... Here is the first documented sampling of a Clonesicle. By Clone himself. This was Dubuque, Ia in August '06. You can see in the last picture him rubbing the Clonesicle, hoping the magic Jeannie is going to come out...





03-09-2010, 12:26 PM
Have fun the show, George, and be carefull of vendors offering free samples of hot sauce. You may get your head ripped off!
I will have a copy of the book by the first event in May and hope you would be kind enough to sign it.