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03-01-2010, 08:57 AM
I decided to smoke some chicken breasts this weekend to mix things up a bit, and I helped my wife build her first parsley box. I sliced the chicken breast and put it in the box, with the intention of letting it rest about 20 minutes before sampling. I may have waited 30 minutes, or a bit longer, as I was working on some ribs too. Anyways, when I tried the chicken, it was good, moist, but the bottom tasted like damn parsley. Has anyone experienced this? Granted, it won't sit in a box for that long, but I've never even smelled the parsley. Maybe I just had a real pungent bunch or something. The bottom of the chicken breast didn't have much rub or sauce either, so that could be part of the problem.

03-01-2010, 10:21 AM
My take: the heat of the chicken released the aromatic component of the parsley. If I were doing a turn in, I'd wait till the last minute before placing the chicken in the box.

Capn Kev
03-01-2010, 10:43 AM
Try spraying your parsley bed with just a very very small amount of canola oil...don't use Pam, but use cooking oil in a spritzer. Trick is to leave just enough so it doesn't create an obvious visible oil layer, but enough to prevent flavor transfer from the parsley. It also will prevent sticking.

03-01-2010, 04:55 PM
Yes this has been a problem in PNWBA - many of the teams that do a bed of parsley have this problem or the parsley comes with the chicken when the judges take it out of the box. I only use lettuce for my chicken entries. No unwanted flavor and no hangers on. :)