View Full Version : Local Road Trip

03-02-2004, 04:44 PM
Okay. So the subject is an oxymoron.

Traveled a mile to the local Otto's Barbecue joint last week. Otto's is listed
in Smoke and Spice (which is why I am commenting on it) and the main
location is Bush 41's favorite BBQ joint.

I was feeling "presidential", so I order the George Bush Plate, which is brisket,
ribs and sausage with three sides. No Cuban cigar.

The brisket was excellent - not too tender and not too tough. Sausage was,
uh, okay. The ribs (pork) had an excellent rub on them and the combination
of sweet and smoky was wonderful. The meat came right off the bone but
didn't fall off with you picked up a rib.

The sides were bland pintos, decent cole slaw and tater salad that could have
used some southern flavor.

If you're in the Stafford/Sugar Land Tx area, it would worth a trip. Unless
you want wings, then you want to go to Hooter's.