View Full Version : KCBS Bod election reminder received

01-09-2010, 12:57 PM
I just received a reminder from elections online that I had not voted. Remember there are only 6 days left to exercise your vote. If you have not received your voter information, please contact Don Harwell and Merl Whitebook for assistance.

Don Harwell - dharwell@kcbs.us
Merl Whitebook - mwhitebook@kcbs.us

Thank you for supporting KCBS. Good luck to the nominees. The winners will be announced at the Annual Banquet.
See everyone in Philly! Temp forecast at 44 warm degrees Friday. (NOAA)

PS Don't be concerned. I don't vote until the last day so I can monitor that elections online is working correctly until the end of the election period. I will be voting.