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02-02-2004, 06:51 AM
So after the TX trip it was off to Montgomery AL. And before I get into it, I'd like to thank Mike G for going out of his way to find my sorry ass, and ChiBill for helping him out.

I arrived a week ago yesterday about 1:00pm. Picked up the rental and basically took a Montgomery world tour. I was farking starving, grabbed 2 $0.59 tacos at the Border (taco bell), then started out by asking the wrong people where to find good BBQ. Drove by a place called Smoky Bones - the place was soo big and commercialized that I didn't even peek in. Not too far away I ran into a Johny Rebs (think they're a chain), closed Sunday. Drove about 10 miles away looking for a joint (cannot remember the name), that I never found. Continuing looking, I'm now about 15 miles from Montgomery, take an exit cuz there was seemingly nothing around for miles. I then see a sign "PJs Hickory Smoked BBQ this Exit". Drove a 1/2 mile down the road. The place looked great - old building in the middle of nowhere, wood piled high, closed Sunday sign on the door. Bastidges. Drove back to Montgomery, and ate fried fish at a chain called Capain D's.

Monday lunch. 2 guys take me to a joint called the Smoke House in Troy AL. Supposed to be pretty good. Closed Monday. Headed to another place they knew down the road. Closed for business. Headed to another place called Country's BBQ. Open! Country's is a chain that originated in Georgia. I ordered the most expensive plate on the menu ($8.95), pulled porked and sliced beef combo, served up with brunswick stew, beans and corn bread, . The pork wasn't great - not real sweet. The beef was farking eye of round - go figure. They had 3 vinegar/mustard based sauces that were pretty good. I bought a bottle of their backdraft sauce that looks like mustard and a T-shirt.

Mon dinner - jambalaya at a place called Gators. Sucked (think I was too bloated from lunch).

Tuesday lunch - back to the Smoke House. They serve pork, chicken and turkey - no beef. Great place, great people and hospitality. Ordered pulled pork + 3 sides (beans, tater salad, and onion rings) for $6.95. Everything was prepared very well - barely finished. Pork was piled high, very sweet and moist. Beans were done in the cooker so they had a great smoky flavor and loaded with pulled pork. Onion rings were homeade with a great batter. They let me go in the back to check out their cookers.

I'll definitely go back to the Smoke House, but first I gotta hook up with Mike G for a road trip to Dreamland.

02-02-2004, 07:45 AM
Yep, Smokey Bones is a Sports Bar/BBQ chain.

Great place to watch a game, when you don't have to think about the Q.

Its okay, but has perfected chain Q like Famous Daves has (not sayin FD is perfect, but if can be pretty good)

02-03-2004, 05:54 PM
They have a Smokey Bones over this way in Fairview Heights, IL (by STL). It is actually okay, especially when your starving.

I get to Birmingham, AL a handful of times a year on business. They have a Cajun place called Copeland's. Pretty good even though it is a chain. If your looking for a mom n pop BBQ while in Birmingham, go to a place called Jim & Nick's http://www.birminghammenus.com/jimnnicks/

Also you are right about the menu - AL is all pork.