View Full Version : SmACk TaWK **PETA Muffin Pan Chicken Award**

12-29-2009, 02:01 PM
Just added to my collection!


Go Veg!

KnucklHed BBQ
12-29-2009, 02:21 PM
I love it!!
My MIL is a veggetarian, early on she tried to get my daughter recruited (about 5 @ the time) by saying "Bailey, just think of all the poor little chickens and cows and pigs that have to die for your food."
No joke, my daughter flat out replied "Yeah and they tastes so good Nana!" Still makes my eyes tear up when I think about it.

Just goes to show you that you can train em' right when they're young!

JD McGee
12-29-2009, 03:30 PM
:eek::eek::eek:...where the fark did you get that? :lol::lol::lol: