View Full Version : We made the top 10 Xmas Gifts for BBQ!

Smokin Turkey
12-13-2009, 10:21 AM
In 2 non-related websites, we found ourselves on the top 10 list in the #2 spot! We fell in just behind the stoker on one and a weber grill on the other! What great company to be in... Check out what these guys have to say!



Sweet news for xmas here! Thanks to all the brethren who got my name out there for this to happen!


Bbq Bubba
12-13-2009, 10:56 AM
Awesome Brian!

Thats gotta be good for sales. :cool:

12-13-2009, 11:15 AM
Congratulations Brian. I will definitely be placing a order. I just need to decide what design I want.

This Is How We Que It
12-13-2009, 11:42 AM
Wow that is pretty tight. Now I just need to find me a webber that will last longer then one summer!

12-13-2009, 01:41 PM
Wow awesome Brian.

12-13-2009, 09:41 PM
That rocks Brian. Congrats. PA Pride!!

If you ever get into ceramic grill grates and need a beta-tester (Primo Oval XL), let me know.


Smokin Turkey
12-14-2009, 09:07 AM
Thanks guys!

12-15-2009, 05:16 PM

12-15-2009, 06:34 PM
Congrats Brian, great press.

Poker Smoker
12-15-2009, 06:42 PM
Well done!