View Full Version : Attention all past Throwdown winners...

12-02-2009, 09:10 AM
If you never received a Throwdown certificate for a winning entry, please let me know. I am going back through all of the Throwdowns to make sure everyone has received their rightfully earned certificates. Since I ask people to PM me their certificate info, and because I have had to clean my inbox, I can't be 100% sure if people simply did not want a certificate by not asking for one, or if I just plain missed making one for them.

Below is a list of winning entries for whom I do not see a Throwdown Certificate was created. If you would like a certificate, please send me a PM and I will get this sorted out for you ASAP. Also, if you are missing a certificate for an entry that is not listed below, just let me know what entry you need a certificate for and I will hook you up.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Week 43 - Hot and Spicy - River City Smokehouse
Week 38 - BBQ Spaghetti - The Pickled Pig
Week 36 - Tacos - BobBrisket
Week 33 - Open (Memorial Day) - JD McGee
Week 31 - Anything Goes - Jeff in KC
Week 29 - Beans - thirdeye
Week 28 - Steak - JD McGee
Week 27 - Bologna - Pork smoker
Week 26 - Dry Rubbed ______ - Ron L
Week 25 - Duck - Rick's Tropical Delight
Week 17 - Sauces, Mops & Glazes - Que-Dawg
Week 16 - Cheese - Rick's Tropical Delight
Week 14 - Tubesteak - Brewmaster
Week 10 - Chicken Wing - Bacon
Week 9 - Turkey Day Leftovers - Rick's Tropical Delight
Week 6 - Desserts - MayDay
Week 5 - Breads - River City Smokehouse
Week 4 - Seafood - River City Smokehouse
Week 2 - Pork - River City Smokehouse
Week 1 - Beef - Rick's Tropical Delight