View Full Version : Burke's Bar-B-Que Barn (Long Island)

11-29-2009, 03:02 PM
I joined Gary and Vinny at Burke's Bar-B-Que Barn last week. This take-out only BBQ joint is owned and run by the same couple that compete under the 'Baldwin Butt Burners' team name.

I had no expectations going in. As always, I had high hopes but no inkling as to how it would go.

We ordered a bunch of food and they were very generous with portions on top of that, so we had quite a feast.

I'll let Gary and Vinny speak for themselves, but I was very happy with the food. The worst of what we had was at least as good as most BBQ joints on Long Island (I know, that's faint praise). The best of what we had would stack up against anything I have had in any BBQ place.

The standouts were the beans (excellent!) and the pulled pork wontons. I'm not a fan of southern biscuits, but theirs were made exceptionally well. The garlic butter addition was great.

So, the question isn't will I be back, but instead is when will I be back.

Hopefully I'll make a return trip soon.


11-29-2009, 03:28 PM
We'll being there on a Sunday mid-afternoon is probably not the ideal day/time to sample their best product but I would agree that it was decent and on par with most other LI BBQ joints (but not yet of the caliber of some of NYC best or beyond).

First time I had the Memphis style BBQ spaghetti anywhere and was pleasantly surprised.. it had a nice tangy sauce/broth with a mix of diced BBQ meats. I agree with Eric that the beans were really good. I liked the mix of red and green peppers with the not too thick but pleasantly sweet and smoky sauce. BBQ wontons were unique and enjoyable.

As for the meats - nothing was bad IMO, but nothing shined. BBQ is usually served warm, not hot but our portions would have benefitted from just a bit more re-heating which might have helped the flavors come out a bit more.

Brisket was a bit tough but that was probably most affected by the slices being made in direction with the grain instead of against the grain. The ribs were gigantic and meaty. I found them to be tender enough but limited in flavor.. Same with the pulled pork. The sauce was very good though and helped rather than hurt.

The service at the front counter was very friendly and attentive.

Overall, I think there is potential to improve with some tweaks to enhance the flavor profile of the meats.

I wish them luck and hope to try it again down the road.