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11-05-2009, 03:23 PM
Linda Mullane: Rules and Regulations Committee as well as Research and Development Committee (and briefly the Nominating Committee)

Out of 19 minutes where I could find an entry, Linda filed no report once, 2 reports were inconclusive and reported 16 times. Linda's duties seem to fluctuate, so it wasn't as binary as with Paul Kirk. There were some minutes where she had more than 1 report and there were others where other people entered reports for committees that she headed at one time or another.

No Report:
Sept. 08

Jan 09 (2 reports)
Feb 09 (1 with 1 other being inconclusive)
March 09
March 08
April 09
May 09
May 08
June 09
July 09
August 09 (2 reports)
Sept. 09
Oct. 08
Nov 07
Nov 08 (2 reports)
April 08
Dec 08

Dec 07
Aug 07

Important Notes:
1) There were a couple of months where Linda made one report for a committee but no report for the other committee. It gets tricky when one person has been involved with 3 committees during their tenure.
2) I only have the ability to note if a report was given where the minutes state that they have or they havenít. Some of the 07 minutes were not as thorough as those that followed.

11-05-2009, 08:40 PM
From what I have been told by board members, there are certain times of the year when some committees have more going on that other times. It might be legit that the Rules Committee might be more active from late in the season, throughout the winter and into the early spring as rules are discussed and reviewed.