View Full Version : Hog Jam 2009 Kershaw, SC

Hugh Jorgan
10-10-2009, 04:58 PM
Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.

This was a really good event. There were a lot of vendors. The contest was three part.

Peoples choice, you buy a sample carton with a little from each vendor then fill out a ballot.
Judged, There were 60 secret judges, they mingled in the crowd and each had a peoples choice sampler but only voted in the judged event, not peoples choice.
Recipe Contest, it was judged by the judges and the crowd could vote with the total results tallied.

Here is a pic of the Overall Winner of the BBQ competition.


The Trophy


The cooker, it's gas with a "flavor box" on the end.


Excellent food! He cooked 200 pounds and had 30 left just after lunch. The festival ran until 6pm so he probably got rid of it all. His line really picked up after he won the trophy. He got first place a couple of weeks ago at another festival.


All he had was pulled pork already tossed with his red sauce. It would not have gotten my vote but it was pretty good. Here are a couple of pics of the streets with some of the vendors. Just about everyone I asked cooked about 100 pounds of pulled pork. Most were down to 20 or less pounds after lunch.




The happiest customer of the day.