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10-07-2009, 11:00 AM
This was my first time to actually was able to cook the Royal both Invitational & Open. I was going to leave Thursday but decided to head out Wednesday night instead I met Jorge outside of Dallas around Midnight to pick up some BBQ Charcoal to take up for Scotty D then we were back on the road again we rolled into KC around 1:00 on Thursday. Guy's if the wife says she heard something take my advice and check it out, the quote of the trip( Diane you didn't here a GD thing...) it was a nice way to turn a 15" rim into a 9" pile of junk :roll:

I had plan on visiting with a lot of friends and we were only able to make it to Steph's pitch in and over to Motley Q Crew for some gumbo and that was pretty much it i had to many jello shots Friday night along with Tequila Shots :icon_pissed

Congratulations Again to Jay on his sauce walk and to Todd for his GC win and to Boondogle for their open GC. the brethren had a fine showing.

For the brethren I did get to met it was nice to see you again.

Thank to All American BBQ for the runners both days Thank You it was a great help to us:wink:

I do regret not getting over to see Neal I guess I'll just haft to head west for that visit:smile:

10-07-2009, 12:05 PM
It was a Royal Blast. Getting to meet some other brothers and sisters was the best. I didn't get to meet you Glenn but I heard your name called at awards. Congratulations on that call.
It was great to see the brethren take the Royal the way they did and Boondoggle with their first GC is was tops!.