View Full Version : If I had to do over

10-02-2009, 11:33 AM
This past summer was my teams first go round with BBQ competition. We participated in Roc City, North Wildwood, Hudson Valley and Norwalk. My overall opinion of these comps are as follows, keep in mind it is just my opinion.

Roc City, Brian and company an absolutely fantastic job, the hospitality and location was great. Logistically speaking, a few more porta-johns or bathrooms kept unlocked. will be back

North Wildwood- Was not impressed with the overall comp. Hospitality was non-existent, and I felt the comp was an after thought, and certainly a feeling of nepotism among some teams and organizers. Bringing the exhausted teams to the stage for an award ceremony, only to make us listen to a band for a full set before announcing awards, was a poor decision.
Parking was a pain. I am more than happy to give up our position to another team, Won't be back.

Hudson Valley, Enjoyed the weekend, hospitality was good(especially the German guy, sorry forgot his name) and problems such as blown circuits were immediately taken care of. Competitors treated fairly, However perhaps a new MC for awards ceremony. Location was great and easy getting to. Breakfast always appreciated, however this one was tough to swallow. Enjoyed all the Brethren
Organizers easy to reach, and prompt responses to inquiries. Will be back

Norwalk, For an inaugural event, I thought it was pretty good. Entry fee was high, but we earned it back with our chowder. The lobster dinner for the competitors was great. A lot of categories in one weekend, maybe less categories, and cheaper fees. Sites were plenty big, with no crowding of competitors.
Organizers/hospitality highly visible, and willing to help.
see them next year.