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09-29-2009, 11:43 AM
Let me begin with this:

During my 3 years with Crapshoot BBQ we've only been involved in one KCBS competition. That was the 2007 American Royal. We finished 13th in chicken in the invitational. That's it, no other KCBS cooks.

I was amazed at how different chicken turn in was expected to be in KCBS compared to any Texas based organization.

I have looked at hundreds of turn in boxes on variaus forums over the years and have seen very little variation in what was being turned in.

Chicken thighs seem to be the "unwritten rule" for what the judges expect for a chicken turn in with various cooking techniques used.

Last year I have started to notice more and more folks that start with a regular chicken thigh, debone it, remove the skin, trim all excess fat, scrape the skin, reassemble the parts, smoke them for a short while and then poach them, followed by another short run on the cooker to tighten them up and set the sauce.

Are these...."poached chicken rolls"... the newest expected chicken turn in for KCBS?

Can you hope to win with any other part of the chicken that is obviously prepared in any other way?

I know that the rules allow for any part of the chicken for turn-in just like the rules allow for no garnish. However from what I read and observe, what happens at the judging tables seems to indicate something different.

If I decide to cook the single KCBS event in Texas next year I want to know exactly what cards I'm expected to come to the game with.

Alexa RnQ
09-29-2009, 12:12 PM
Welllllll... that answer pretty much depends on your judging pool, and what's prevalent in the area where they've been judging.

I've chatted with someone who had the "poached chicken rolls" come to the table in an area where that style's not prevalent, and they said some of the judges were frankly scared by them.

09-29-2009, 12:43 PM
I cook mid-mo - I have not gone to the chicken nugets as I call them. I put the bone in and have done well in my area. I have an ongoing bet with a person who does the nugets. We are tied 2 -2 on what does better.

so flip a coin.