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09-29-2009, 02:10 AM
I have a 17 hour, round trip, in one day adventure planned... anyone have any sage like advise on staying awake and SAFE during the long hours on the highway?


09-29-2009, 06:00 AM
I have a 17 hour, round trip, in one day adventure planned... anyone have any sage like advise on staying awake and SAFE during the long hours on the highway?

Yup get plenty of rest in the days running up then pull over and grab a power nap when the feeling hits during your drive.


09-29-2009, 06:20 AM
5 Hour Energy works pretty good.
Also listening to Playboy radio on Sirius helps pass the time :-P.
Set short term goals, 2 or 3 hours at a time.
Most important, if you get too tired, pull over. Believe me...

09-29-2009, 06:25 AM
having fallen asleep at the wheel and living thru it I suggest in addition to the resting is also get out and run, jumping jacks etc something to get you moving - deep breathing also helps.
Be Safe!
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The Virginian
09-29-2009, 06:29 AM
17 hours on the road can only be made so safe. Suggestion 1, break it up by driving for 3-5 hours the night before and find a hotel for the evening.

Suggestion 2, pull over and nap when you begin to get tired (not when you almost drive off the road). After coming home with me from several long distance contests, my (then) teenage daughter made me promise that I would pull over whenever I got tired coming back from bbq contests. I do that now, and it makes a big difference.


Butcher BBQ
09-29-2009, 06:36 AM
We like to listen to comedy on the radio, I think this keeps me thinking to where it helps me stay awake.

09-29-2009, 07:26 AM
Get plenty of rest beforehand, and when you feel those lids getting heavy, pull over and take a nap.

I have pulled into a parking lot to take a nap when I was only 25 minutes from home, because I realized that if I didn't, I might not make it home.

09-29-2009, 07:31 AM
leave your driver window open fully and blast the radio..

if that doesn't work, then as has been mentioned - pull over and take a nap!! it's not worth chancing it, if you won't get to your destination safe and sound.

fwiw, red bulls and 5 hour energy drinks and the like, never seem to work for me. all they did was give me a bad taste in my mouth - which coincidentally is what kept me up..

09-29-2009, 07:37 AM
...then walk around and drink back a bottle of Redline.


Energy Drink Reviews: (http://www.bandddesigns.com/energy/arch/002853.php)

Wow, this drink is some serious stuff. I mean about half the bottle is the warning label, and it is serious, this drink is INSANE. It says that you should not drink it unless you are over 18, which I would say is a good warning. This is the first drink that was to much for me. The bottle says warning potent, but I have had every energy drink I could find without a problem. This Redline, made me feel like I was tweaking out hard core, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I seriously mean I wasn't enjoying the quick happy buzz that you get from most energy drinks. This was a scary my body is going out of control hot and cold sweats, tweaked out. I had the drink at two in the afternoon and I couldn't sleep until 4 am in the morning.

09-29-2009, 07:54 AM
Cooler with ice and a wash cloth. Dunk it in the cold water and put on the back of your neck. Even if the water runs down your back lol. That kept me awake on a marathon run. If its raining and you are tired don't do anything but pull over. For some reason the rain lulls you to sleep.

09-29-2009, 09:55 AM
On the way back from a contest, i almost drove off the tappan zee bridge with my family in the car.. All because i thought I can make the laST 90 MINUTES.. From that day on I will NOT do marathons runs. 10-12, (maybe 14) hours is the most, even with multiple drivers.

An hour nap may get you 2 more hours driving before u start burning out again.. Been there done that.. Is it worth it to get to you destination 6-7 hours earlier.? Find a cheap hotel and get real sleep. The final leg will be more enjoyable than fighting highway hipnosis and riding the lines on autopilot. Make your 17 hour marathon 24 hours and get some sleep so u can come back here and tell us about it instead of us reading about it in the paper.

09-29-2009, 10:05 AM
I agree Poobah. I do quite a few long runs over the course of a BBQ season. I'll handle 10-12 hours. Over that and you are pushing it. I have no problem pulling my RV over and getting some shut eye. Like coming home from NE last weekend. It was starting to rain, so I pulled over 90 minutes early. No sense in pushing it.