View Full Version : Prilosec OTC BBQ Shootout in Bristol

08-25-2009, 11:40 PM
I didn't see a recap of the Prilosec contest in Bristol, so I thought I'd post it a few days late. I'll try to get a write up on our site tonight or tomorrow. Until then, I do have some pictures. Take a look and check back for a little more in depth review. Had a great time enjoying the company of all of our fellow competitors.

GC: Jack's Down Home (682.8572)
RGC: It Ain't Prime (682.2856)
3 Checkered Pig (676.5710)
4 Cool Smoke (674.2856)
5 Lotta Bull (674.2856)
6 Smoking Triggers (670.2854)
7 Dodge County (670.2852)
8 TX Rib Rangers (658.8570)
9 Wood Chicks (656.5710)

Category winners:
Chicken: Cool Smoke (172.000 - three way tie for 1st place)
Ribs: Jack's Down Home (177.7144)
Pork: Cool Smoke (172.5714)
Brisket: Lotta Bull (174.1428 )

Pictures here (http://www.thedunkers.com/DodgeCountySmokers/Pages/Picture%20Pages/dodgecountysmokers_Bristol09.htm)