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08-25-2003, 12:13 PM
Hello Guys,

Robert here, 35, married 12 years, two kids (twins) a boy and a girl 7. when i think of how much i love them all, i can't help but to think: i fear that one day my sins will return to visit me!! ha ha ha

anyway, i have 3 pieces of Q equipment;

the first is a-half inch thick steel pit, 6' long. i love this one cause you can actually set the fire on one end and cook about 4-5 briskets or 8 racks of ribs on the other end...all cooked with indirect heat.

the second is also a half inch thick steel one mounted on a trailer, however this one has a firebox, which allows you to either grill OR smoke. this one was built by my father-in-law and actually has a baffle built in!! didn't think he would know about stuff like that! hell, before i joined the group I didn't know about stuff like that!! thanks, by the way. the mods work well.

and last but not least, is a Bandera...which i was "forced" to purchase late last year cause i took a promotion in another town, and had to move the family into a townhome with a small patio. i guess God does do things for a reason! had i not bought this unit, i wouldn't have ever looked this group up! he's never led me on the wrong path.

been smoking since i graduated from college in 1990. never really got into it before then...but now, i get in a bad mood if i don't get to Q or grill something every week or so! ha ha ha my poor wife.

i strictly use mesquite, because as anyone can attest to, we have plenty here in Texas! man that stuff burns HOT!! that reminds me, i need to take a road trip to pick some up back home...where i'm living now, Midland area, there aren't many mesquite TREES, plenty of mesquite brush, but not very many trees.

i've been with the group i guess since about March or April...Phil, some help?

glad to know all of y'all...and oh for the football fans of the group, my monicker says it all!! of course right now, those five are ancient history huh? ha ha ha well maybe soon.

take care, and Q whenever you can,


08-25-2003, 12:22 PM
Thanks for introducing yourself. And yes, with kids, your sins will come back to haunt you -- the advantage is that as a grandpa you can give 'em BACK. :D

I spent 9 years in San Antonio and did a lot of grilling with mesquite -- have to admit it takes some practice -- one, to get it to light off cleanly, and two, to control the heat. Sure does make for some good food. I use mostly Kinsgford and hickory chips right now though I do have some oak seasoning (had to trim a couple of my trees and need to trim another).