View Full Version : Guess I should jump in too.

08-24-2003, 10:40 AM
Well, I guess its time I jump in with my Bio too.

Phil 44, Wife of 18 years,(high school sweatheart), 2 kids, Jackie 12 and james 9, 2 dogs buster & newport.

Got my first smoker, a brinkman "all in one" for fathers day 11 years ago and been hooked ever since, every few years, a new smoker came in, bigger and better. In order of arrival, my toys are

The Brinkman all in one
New Brainfels Hondo
A kettle and WSM. I killed the kettle with a misplaced log thrown over a fence. Heard the loud CRRRUNCH, and winced.
Gave away my WSM cause i didnt like it back then. MISATKE!!
Then came in the Bandera
This past winter a customized Klose backyard Chef was added to the pit.
I added another kettle to replace my dead one.
Coming soon a new WSM to replace the brinkman, which is pretty well dead. and I MAY have to get another kettle for other reasons :)

In the grillin dept, theres a 48 inch DCS Commercial unit bricked in, and a Broilmaster P3 and a couple turkey fryers.
So, been smoking for about 15 years, was on my own for the first 12, then discovered internet "smoke cooking" groups. With a little prodding from friends,...formed "The Brethren" in March of 2003, and here we are today. 300+ members on Yahoo, and a new website that we call home... where we run the place.. (hate those popups).

any questions??