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07-31-2009, 04:05 PM
I NEED some help.

I found out when I walked in the house this afternoon, that my wife can not make it. So, basically, I am alone....

Is there anybody that is available, and willing to help out at this comp.

Mountain High BBQ & Music Festival, Franklin,NC Aug 6-8, 2009


I promise not to over work you, and all I basically need is someone to help set up (if possible Thursday afternoon, if not, no biggie, I can do it) keep an eye on the fire a little so I can get some shut eye Friday night, fetch, help clean up, run turn in's, and then clean up and pack up Saturday afternoon.

I will have coffee, and eats, water, gator aid, etc. (no adult beverages). And, if you insist on some BBQ on Saturday, I will see if I can scrounge up a little...:rolleyes:. There is a possibility that my baby brother may be up from FL, but he has already told me that he will NOT stay all Friday night.

So if you want to come hang out, get your hands "dirty", learn a few tricks, and have a great time, please let me know.

Any questions, pm me.


07-31-2009, 04:13 PM

Not to steal your spotlight, but I am in EXACTLY the same boat. Obviously, we can't help each other with cooking, but if you need any help loading/unloading cookers, coolers or putting up ez-ups, I'll be glad to give you a hand. At the very least, stop by my site for a soda (I don't drink at contests either).

07-31-2009, 04:22 PM
Sound ok. Send me a pm with your phone number, and we can work out some details and if you want to travel together, we can. I am right at where I-85 sound meets up with I-40 on the east end above Raleigh. If you don't want to travel the mountains, I am planning on going the southern route. Abt 30 mile further for me, but hardly no mountains to worry with, and I figure it will save enough in gas to pay for the extra miles. And besides, the gas in SC is a WHOLE lot cheaper. When we went to Gaffney a coule of weeks ago, it was like 30 cents a gallon cheaper... so I plan on stopping and filling up there going and coming.