View Full Version : smoking for a big wkend

07-09-2009, 08:45 AM
5 bands,moto-x,tournaments,etc. it's a festival.
here's the meat list for tomorrow(already have some done & frozen).
well today is prep/inject/rub the meats & chop 3 bags of taters into homefries & do the tater salad.
tomorrow is
2 (10lb) butts
2 (12-18 lb)briskets
2-4 racks of spares (http://deejaysworld.net/deejayssmokepit/yabb/Define/Spares.doc)
a fatty(i gotta eat too)
and saturday i'll do the burgers,dogs,& 20lbs of chix quarters.

that should feed a few people right??
i'm already tired just thinking about it.
lots of pics to come..