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04-24-2009, 10:56 AM
Because I cater a lot of tri-tip, I take along my Very old, but very functional Globe slicer. My problem is that it weighs a little more than a hundred pounds and is cumbersome to transport since I don't have a trailer.

I have been looking on CL for slicers and have come across a few that I'm not sure if they are worth the price. Here are the following slicers and prices I found:

Fleetwood Model M220S Mignon S - This is a 9" slicer - Few years old. $275

Univex 10" Slicer - Model unknown - Few years old - $450

Globe 11" Slicer - Model unknown - circa 1980's - $500

My preference is the Globe, but that farker is about the same weight as to what I have now. The Univex would be my second choice, but not sure how good that brand is. I hadn't even heard of them before and the model number is not a current one.

Any suggestions?

BTW - Does anyone know of a reliable site I can go to and find out how old a slicer is by model number? I couldn't find anything about my slicer A-8403.