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04-17-2009, 08:03 AM
Thanks for setting up the download section and putting in so much great content. I've seen hundreds of questions on different boards that are now "officially" answered if somebody just goes to look.

Every KCBS member that cooks competition should look at Meat Inspection rules and at the Rep Advisories. example below, they don't flip them anymore and a nice rep renumbers.

6.24 Subject: Number on Top of TurnIn
Question: What do you do if a contestant turns in a container with the number on the bottom?
Opinion: 1. The KCBS Rep should caution the contestant to turn in next time with the number on
top. 2. They may advise the contestant that they have whatever time remaining on the Official
Clock to correct the violation, or 3. The KCBS Rep or persons accepting samples could place a
blank label over the number on the bottom and put the alternate number on the top of the box.
February 17, 2006