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03-12-2009, 09:14 PM
Yep, thats right you want to go to the big dance in Douglas GA.?
I got the ticket, you want it, come and get it.
August 21-23 2009 in Wheatfield N.Y. ( Niagara Falls N.Y.) The Smokin Eagles International BBQ Festival. The forms Will be completed shortly. But the mailing list is growing fast. Come say hello to, Kell, Ms Carlene, Papa Joe,and the famed "National Barbecue News" writer, and international BBQ instructor, Rocky Danner and the whole "National Barbecue News Crew" at the only northeast Qualifier. ( Read Rocky's Report, Oct 2008 page 31 & 32 in the "National Barbecue News") As Rocky would say, This is a event on steroids. This yr we got car shows, bike shows, pros, backyard, pies and Rocky's favorite, Kids Q-in. All using the rules from the "National BBQ Festival" We got bands, kiddie rides, Craft shows. The Supervisor's cup, and we're still working to put more together. At the Summit Mall.
A 20 x 30 site is only $220. Water, electric included. Come for the week and see the Falls And all the sites. Going to Canada, bring your passport. plan a bbq restruant tour, wine tour. You can't see it all in a week, just ask Kell
e-mail me (smokineaglesbbq@buffalo.com)
I hope I'm not in violation of the rules w/e-mail

some stop for yd sales I stop for bbq
we're the host team for the bbq contest,in naigara falls ny,, please mark your calender Aug 21 23 2009 THANK YOU

I don't stop for yd sales I do stop for bbq

03-12-2009, 09:30 PM
allready posted. :cool: U gots a fan club ! :wink::tongue:


04-17-2009, 06:52 AM
The Supervisors Report, with Tim Delmer, originally recorded Monday April 6,2009 Guest Roy "Honcho" Gregory, Chairman, talks about the upcoming Smokin Eagles International BBQ Festival


04-24-2009, 08:09 PM
Fellow BBQ-ers
My job as a event chairman is to listen to all comments from all sides .
We will do what ever we can to make your time at our event as enjoyable as we can
One thing I'm working on is wood, as you already heard one of our fellow Q-ers stated. You can not transport wood more than 50 miles.
If your coming to our event you can order wood from us at cost. It will be here when you get here, Please let me know what you need. We have
OAK, CHERRY, n MAPLE. I'm working on Hickory. Any other wood Available with in 50 miles, all you need is to ask I'll do me best. This wood is first class, seasoned or not, no punky wood. Our Town Supervisor has said we will have showers also,
You show up on Fri. Judging is on Sat. stick around for the big band on Sat. nite. (TBA) If you want to enter the back yd or kids Q-in on Sunday, or hang out We don't want you driving home tried n gettin hurt e-mail me smokineaglesbbq@buffalo.com