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02-17-2009, 06:46 PM
Well this is my intro, yeah.

I am a retired/disabled Deputy Sheriff from Wyandotte County KS. I currently work part time for a plastic manufacturer in Lawrence KS. We live up here in the rural area of McLouth KS.

I have been smoking meat for about 21 years now. Started with a horizontal drim and still have it. Coals in one side and smoke chamber in the other. After 21 years how can I get rid of it. I also have another horizontal drum that I added an offset firebox. Its my main smoker, it smokes more food. Then I have a charcoal Brinkman vertical, 2 gourmet electric Brinkmans one of which I am converting to charcoal, a fridge conversion and a file cabinet smoker, plus a UDS.

First meat I ever smoked was brisket. Took me several tries to figure out the whole, temp., smoke combo's, rubs and marinades. Then came the ribs, pork ribs that is. After that I went to pork butts. The butts are my favorite. Sliced or pulled you can't beat them. Pile on a sandwich or refine a little further for burrito's, enchiladas and nachos. Then I went to what I just called stuff meatballs. Later on I found out some people call them MOINKS. Started doing jerky back about 18 years ago with venison. After several years I found out about ABT's and beer can chiken. In the last couple of years I have refined the whole fattie bit. Wow, getting hungry again. Best part in the last year I found out you can vac pack this stuff and it will keep a long time.

For the last 3 years I have been trying to put together a competition team, which I did. Problem is getting my work to allow me time off. No luck yet, but this will be the last year I put up with this. Going back to school so I can start my own business. So if I don't compete this year, next yer I will definitely join the ranks of frustrated and happy competitors.
A good find of mine got me to want to compete. Him and his wife run the Pig Newton team in KC.

I am a member of 2 other smoking forums. But I believe this one is considered the big one. So I am here now.

Other hobbies, hunting, fishing, farming, storm chasing and electronics. I am an old fart I guess, got 3 grand kids. got a wife, even have a live in mother-in-law, lucky me. Got dogs and cats. Angus cows and chickens. Even got me some range free possums, racoons, skunks, musk rats and coyotes I don't claim, but they are there. Did have a beaver but I haven't seen him for a while. I have a geese and duck problem as well.

I guess thats long winded enough. I guess I should go make me a sig file now.

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LOL Enjoyed the intro. Welcome to the fray David. Looking forward to more of your posts.

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Welcome to the forum David

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Welcome fellow Kansan! Rock Chalk...

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Howdy and Welcome!

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Hi davidmcg and welcome to the Brethren.

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to our crazy little club house!

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Welcome to the camp,

Frank Sacco
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Welcome aboard!

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David- Mike and Betty are a couple of the best, you are in great company with them!!

And you can't be too bad a guy if you did a stint in the Dotte:wink::-P


02-17-2009, 08:22 PM
You were doing great until you titled the thread.

Welcome anyway.

Midnight Smoke
02-17-2009, 08:28 PM
Hello and Welcome!

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Welcome aboard!!

BBQ Grail
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We may not be the biggest...but we are the best.

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Welcome to the forum David!

Bbq Bubba
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Welcome to the jungle! :cool:

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Well at least I am not the only Jayhawk, but a MO TIGER, what is the world coming to. You all also sem to know old Pig Newton. We went to school together. I grew up in the Dotte. Got smart 5 years ago and moved out here to the real world. 42 years in Wyandotte County was enough and the taxes helped push me out of there. Sure wish old Pig Newton would move out.

OK, a couple of things I forgot to mention. My favorite woods are in order; cherry, apple, mesquite, oak, pear and last hickory. Hickory is too strong and makes the wife sick. So hickory is rarely used. cherry is used on everything. My least favorite things to smoke are meatloaf and fish. I was burnt out on meatloaf growing up. Mom fixed it once a week. The added smoke flavor doesn't help.

My favorite competition I have attended as an observer is the Great Lenexa KS BBQ. Been to the Royal, the one at the Woodlands and to me they are all flash and no fun.

One more thing, Bubba, are you everywhere or what? You know its partially your fault that my wife bugs me everytime I smoke something. I just have to go grab that camera and now I have a partially assembled UDS because of your posts here and other places.

But I have been browsing in the background for about a year. So I had to join.

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Rock chalk jayhawk

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Welcome from your neighbor just North of you!

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welcome aboard!

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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome David. Believe me, your not the only Jayhawk on this board. Watch out for those Tiger fans. Some are cool about it and, well others, are just downright nasty. As a matter of fact, some of the Tiger fans here are some of the greatest guys on the planet.

I think that you will have a whole new appreciation for the Royal and other such comps. Plenty of Brethren out there and that alone gets you an in where others are clearly on the outside and or wanna bees. Just tell one that you are Bro. and you will see just how cool most are. :icon_cool

Bob S
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Welcome David

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Good to have you David.
Welcome to the nest clubhouse on the web!

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Howdy David. :icon_cool

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Welcome, brother David! I hope you enjoy your time here - it's addictive!


Pig Headed
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Welcome to the forum David.

Mad Max
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