View Full Version : Smoked cheese

02-08-2009, 11:10 PM
Been kicking around the idea of roadside bbq lately but that would be a lot of work and if we put in overtime at my job like we did last year, working almost every Saturday, it would be hard to do. So I have been pondering the notion of smoking some cheeses and possibly some jerky and what ever else I can think of like almonds.

I would set up at weekend open markets and set out samples. With this set up everything would be vac packed and could be held for a long time if I needed to work that weekend.

Not if but when my company closes its doors I hope to be in a better place with road side and be able to start the bbq operation unless the cheese thing takes off or I suddenly realize road side is not for me.

I know lots of details to work out so I thought I would throw this out here to see what more experianced people think about such a plan. I know I wont get rich but I would like to do something on my own instead of depending on an employer.