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11-13-2008, 07:54 AM
Quick Notes from the Board Room
November 12, 2008

Wayne Lohman advised the Board that the MBN contract had not been consummated. The Board voted that the current contract would expire, if not accepted, on March 15, 2009.

The Board issued letters of suspension and probation for teams with conduct violations for offenses including using propane to sear the meat, excessive use of alcohol, outraging public decency and other violations. The teams have thirty days to appeal the action. KCBS wants to remind all organizers of their responsibility to maintain a proper environment at their contest and to maintain a family environment for all KCBS events.

Elections Online has been retained for our official voting site for the 2009 elections.

Don Harwell announced progress in the preliminary testing of the new computer scoring program. Beta testing will begin early in 2009.

Merl Whitebook provided a report on regional representation of Board Members. The most promising idea presented to the Board, is for 6 regional board members and 6 at large board members. A final report is to be provided by May 2009.

Carol Whitebook reported that 88 Contest Reps have completed the Rep Test. There are pending another 8 test to be graded. All Reps must complete the test to receive contest assignments by November 15, 2008.

Wayne Lohman made a motion that the following be placed on the ballot in January 2009:
"We the undersigned - Petition to the Kansas City Barbecue Society Board to amend the by-laws to state:
Only one family member (to include, but not limited to wife, husband, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew) is permitted to sit on the board at one time. Further more, no one Board member from the same family may overlap another family member's tem of office.

The motion required a roll call vote:

Linda Mullane no Carol Whitebook no
Don Harwell no Paul Kirk yes
Tana Shupe yes Wayne Lohman yes
Steve Ownby yes Troy Black no
Rod Gray no Merl Whitebook no
Ed Roith no
The motion to put the matter on the Ballot fails

Don Harwell brought up the issue how the turn in boxes are presented by the table captains. Carol Whitebook and Rod Gray are working on a new system to take effect in 2009, which will not be in numerical order.

Respectfully submitted
Merl Whitebook
Secretary, KCBS Board of Directors