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BBQ Bandit
10-26-2008, 12:08 PM
Admitting that I'm only a Backyard Bum from Pennsylvania... thought I should consult with Google maps to get directions... realizing I need a little more insight then only "going due east" on a 250 mile trip.

OK... 250 miles... about 4 hours driving... completely doable. The first 2 1/2 hours on 78E (from Harrisburg) was uneventful. However.... two things were ignored... a better window of time and the directions... thru Manhatten.... on a Friday... during rush hour!!!!

HOLY BATCHIT BATMAN!!! I WAS FARKED!!! :evil::evil::evil:

I realized the error once I was facing the 2 mile line for the Lincoln Tunnel... at 4:15 PM. While I was waiting patiently... for 6 lanes of toll boths narrow down to 2 lanes... called my wife.

"Hey Honey... I'm sitting here in traffic... looking at the New York City skyline... with the Empire State building. Yea... I saw it."

An hour later... I was still looking at it. No-one explained to me every one of three vehicles heading for the tunnel... was a bus!!! My life flashed before my eyes at least six times as buses were cutting me off!!!!

Thank heavens I did not bring a trailer! I would probably scraped paint a dozen times by now. After surviving the Lincoln... was on 34th street.

Again... no-one explained that the directions were downtown Manhatten!!!! Stop lights, traffic cops, rush hour... deep doodoo.

(Side note) Remember those nature films we saw as kids of a swarm of angry ants swarming over an unlikely intruder... just getting overwhelmed and covered by sheer numbers??? I was the unsuspecting and unintended victim ....at every traffic light. Once the lights changed.... and traffic whistles blew with arms flaying... people ran.... alot of people ran.... in front of me.... behind me... bumping my vehicle... the entire length of 34th street.

Oh ... by the way... if anyone wants to know how to get to Broadway... ask me... I found it!!! Wound up driving past Broadway on 34th street.

Remember me mentioning previously about the Empire State building?.... 2 hours later was RIGHT NEXT TO IT... and driving past it towards the 495E tunnel for Midtown/Queens.

By this time... wished I had hair to pull out from complete frustration... confusion... and having slight eye twitches from being in the wrong place... at the wrong time. I wished I drank!!!

Once I hit the 495... it took at least another hour (for a 35 mile route).

Pulled into Sayville @ Gillette Park trembling, mumbling, and nearly in shock. I would of rather be mahandled by a Proctologist... would be less painful and invasive!!!

Once Julie, Skip, and Rob (from Swamp Pit BBQ) realized the nightmare I witnessed... they promised me (and provided) a better route home.
With no traffic (3:00am Sunday Morning start)...
And no... I did not get lost in either route.
7 hours down... 5 hours back.

Will I go to Sayville again for the Brethren?
You betcha!!!

Big George's BBQ
10-26-2008, 04:57 PM
That was one ugly experience that can easily bring on the true meaning of road rage. Once there did you have fun

10-27-2008, 12:11 PM
Feel your pain brother... We took the upper route of 84, 380, 495 etc. and made a 5 hour drive into a 7 1/2 hour drive and I was only judging both days. I felt for everyone out in that weather on Saturday night, wind, rain, thunder and lightning but the weather on Sunday was fantastic.