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10-13-2008, 09:29 AM
October 10-11, 2008 Mulberry Fine Swine At The Pit Mulberry, FL (FBA) 20 Pro Division Teams, 11 Backyard Teams
1 GB's BBQ7
2 Swamp Boys
3 Big Daddy Q
4 Bubbachuck's BBQ
5 HomeBBQ.com
6 Big Papa's Country Kitchen
7 Mount DorBarQueCompany
8 Barbeque Crew
9 Naked Bones BBQ
10 Uncle Kenny's BBQ

1The Woodhouse Grill190.0333
2 2GB's BBQ189.76666
3 Swamp Boys189.09999
4 Big Daddy Q188.13333
5 Barbeque Crew187.65002
6 Big Papa's Country Kitchen185.53333
7 Mount Dora Bar-B-Que Company184.08334
8 This Butt's For You182.75002
9 HomeBBQ.com182.71667
10 Smokin' Cracker BBQ Team182.38332
1 Swamp Boys196.41666
2 Uncle Kenny's BBQ194.04999
3 Smokin' Cracker BBQ Team193.63333
4 GB's BBQ191.89999
5 Bubbachuck's BBQ189.06666
6 Big Daddy Q188.80000
7 Mount Dora Bar-B-Que Company188.66667
8Naked Bones BBQ188.36666
9 Big Papa's Country Kitchen185.43332
10 Barbeque Crew184.94999


1 Big Daddy Q194.36666
2 GB's BBQ193.83333
3 Bubbachuck's BBQ193.76667
4 Uncle Kenny's BBQ193.38333
5 Mount Dora Bar-B-Que Company191.23333
6 Munchees Smokehouse190.78333
7 HomeBBQ.com187.03334
8 Big Papa's Country Kitchen183.13333
9 Lazy J Barbecue180.88333
10 Kick the Tire Light the Fire180.80000


1 Naked Bones BBQ192.04999
2 EBS BBQ189.66667
3 Swamp Boys189.16666
4 HomeBBQ.com185.48334
5 Big Papa's Country Kitchen184.83333
6 GB's BBQ184.80001
7 Bubbachuck's BBQ184.60000
8 This Butt's For You183.65001
9 Barbeque Crew182.45000
10 Swamp Water Boys182.15001

Backyard http://www.flbbq.org/mulberry_by_grand.gifhttp://www.flbbq.org/mulberry_by_reserve.gif
1 Smoke Showin'692.81669157.9000174.8500184.2833175.7833
2 Pop's Que691.48335181.2000176.0500171.7667162.4667
3 Eatin' & Beatin'682.43335175.3667170.8833164.0000172.1833
4 She's A Smoker675.55001163.8500155.9500190.5000165.2500
5 Bosshog BBQ672.35001180.7500181.2333162.2000148.1667
6 All Jacked Up669.00000161.6333174.5667163.2000169.6000
7 Whiskey Bent Team667.65000170.6167167.8167172.1833157.0333
8 Butt-n-Wood648.66667168.1167151.1667159.8000169.5833
9B OCA BBQ638.60000171.1333156.5833155.7667155.1167
10 AOC Sticky Pigs512.63334149.0833170.2333193.31670.0000

10-13-2008, 12:14 PM
Looks like the Florida boys went home from the Royal and continued whoopin' up on each other kind of like us MoFos did this past weekend........

Congrats Mike, Rub, and Big Daddy on your catagory wins.......Cracker....I know you're savin' yourself for Sayville.....:wink:

Congrats to all that walked!

10-13-2008, 07:43 PM
Lol, thanks Kick!

As much fun as I had at the Royal, I gotta say it was nice cooking a 20 team contest compared to a 450 team contest. :) Congrats to all my buds who were called to the stage.

Have fun at Sayville.

10-13-2008, 08:22 PM
COngratulations guys. I wished I'd had time to come out but between working, chores and House hunting I haven't even had a chance to light my fires in a few months.