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10-05-2008, 11:06 AM
Me and Mike(GrumpysQ) or as my son calls him "Mr Grumpy", competed for the first time this weekend at the Keller Lions Club. With some great advice from Tony76248 and KellerSteeler, we didn't embarass outselves. We walked away with 4th in chicken. Just about enough to break even for the weekend. Not sure how we did with ribs or brisket. They only anounce 1-10th. There were 61 teams entered.

BBQ Grail
10-05-2008, 11:09 AM
Congrats on the Chicken walk. So, are you hooked now?

10-05-2008, 11:40 AM
Congrats, Ty! The first one is the toughest. It gets easier from there!

Did they give you a printout of the full results after the awards ceremony? that is standard in KCBS comps. Was this one KCBS sanctioned?

10-05-2008, 11:57 AM
Congrats, Ty!

10-05-2008, 02:46 PM
Congrats Ty and Mike on your first contest and that chicken call. Fun, ain't it?

10-05-2008, 03:57 PM
Congrats!, wish I could have made it over.

10-05-2008, 05:06 PM

10-05-2008, 05:56 PM
What did you guys cook on, Eggs?

10-05-2008, 06:19 PM
What did you guys cook on, Eggs?

Yep. We had 2 larges and 2 mediums.

10-05-2008, 07:10 PM
Congratulations, Ty!:wink:

Big George's BBQ
10-05-2008, 08:37 PM
Congrats. Hope you had fun. They should have given you a print out with all of the scores

10-05-2008, 09:26 PM
Congrats. Hope you had fun. They should have given you a print out with all of the scores

They don't do that down here. Non KCBS events. This was a Lone Star Barbecue Society cook. Same rules as IBCA. Nothing but meat in a foil lined box. Here's some pics. We were rushing and didn't get the turn in pics. The bird pic below was right before it went into the box. We were worried we would melt it if it didn't rest first. The ribs were the left over small end after most were ate up. Brisket was what was on the board after Mike ran the turn in.




4th place bird. Once in the box, you couldn't see the spot under the wing or the one on the leg.


Representing the Brothers! We rocked the hats all weekend.


Next time I'll at least change shirts. We hurried with break down and then ended up waiting 45 min for the awards.

And again, congrats to KellerSteeler for the 7th brisket and final table on chicken. He actually loaded up, made it home, showered and made it back for the awards. Brian also put up with our questions. And I need that wing recipe of George's!

10-05-2008, 09:59 PM
Congrats on your chicken and first comp. I've got my first one in 3 weeks and can't wait.

EZ Goin
10-05-2008, 11:39 PM
Congrats. I cooked it last year and got a 6th in brisket. I had planned on cooking it again this year, but got an invite to Meridian the 24th and 25th of this month, and couldn't afford to do both.

A lot more teams and the cream of the crop, but the payout is a whole lot better, so why not take the chance?

LSBS cookoffs need to try attracting corporate sponsors the way KCBS does. It would make competing worthwhile and attract more teams with the bigger payout.

Big George's BBQ
10-06-2008, 06:36 AM
Food looked pretty good

10-06-2008, 09:04 AM
Congrats on your first comp.
Now that it is over, will you be doing more?

Grumpy's Q
10-06-2008, 01:14 PM
Ty and I had a great time. The 4th place chicken was a big bonus! I think we may be hooked. I have to admit I looked at the calander to see when and where other comps were. Lots of fun!

10-06-2008, 02:40 PM
Nice going,
sounds like a good time as well.
Congratulations and enjoy.

10-09-2008, 04:20 PM
Finally got everything unloaded out of the truck last night. My 2 eggs sat there until Tuesday afternoon. I had no desire to lift them out. The inerior smells like que due to the internals of the eggs and misc things that filled the back seats. Left the windows half down while I'm here at work trying to air it out some. Hopefully my schedule will allow another one or 2 before the heat of summer hits.

10-09-2008, 08:51 PM
WTG Ty, took you long enuf :biggrin:

That chicken looked good. I would imagine there were some good cooks there so that 4th is quite the accomplishment. I took 2nd last year in chicken at that comp. Hope I didn't share too much with you.

I look forward to seeing you do a few more comps. I will help you with some more info.