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Smokin Mike
10-01-2008, 01:12 PM
I never been at the royal at all, I would love to go and just walk and look around. what is a good day to do that? I am assuming that thursday isn't great (everyone I assuming setting up), but how about friday? Is it ok to say hi to anyone? or best just leave everyone alone, except for people I personally know.

Thank you,

p.s if I posted this in the wrong area, please move it thanks8)

The Pickled Pig
10-01-2008, 01:56 PM
Friday night is the night to go there. The Royal will be a frustrating experience if you don't have a place to go because there really isn't that much to do. It will be crowded (100,000+) and noisy and most of the parties are private. Teams get defensive about their space because of all of the freeloaders walking around.

I suggest you print off the Brethren Royal Map (http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/showthread.php?t=49212)that Ray created and use that to navigate with. The invitational teams may be cooking for the contest so respect that.

You're welcome to visit us in #173 anytime on Friday. We have food and drink for 150 ready to go.

10-01-2008, 03:45 PM
I know where we can go now.

BBQ Grail
10-01-2008, 04:08 PM
Just remember to bring your own knife and fork. Since things are going to be hectic, don't bother the teams. Just reach over the barriers and help yourself. For the most part they all will appreciate you wanting to taste their food. After all that food you'll need some salad, so make sure you grab any greens you find lying around.
I'm kidding....

10-01-2008, 11:21 PM
Friday afternoon is an ideal time to visit with people. Just go and get some courage up and just tak to someone-you'll find that most of the folks are very friendly and don't bite...hard.

Smokin Mike
10-02-2008, 08:20 AM
thanks everyone for the advice

10-02-2008, 11:23 PM
Yeppers - print out the map, wear a Brethren T-shirt & carry beer! Works for me :mrgreen:. I wonder if I can get away with dragging in a cooler of beer by saying that it's "supplies" for a team :rolleyes:.

The Pickled Pig
10-02-2008, 11:51 PM
I wonder if I can get away with dragging in a cooler of beer by saying that it's "supplies" for a team :rolleyes:.

Works every time.:biggrin: