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09-30-2008, 01:06 PM
Just wanted to throw up a post and say hello.

I've been smoking stuff, a few different items, for over 15 years. I've smoked beef jerky and some summer sausage in my Brinkmann Bullet type smoker. Unfortunately I've had some mixed results with the smoker. It's an electric smoker that doesn't have a temp control on it, so depending on the day it could be blazing hot and if you don't keep in eye on the meat, it'll really cook it.

Recently I've been watching a TV show called Primal Grill on our local PBS station and been learning how to improve my Grilling ability. :wink: On one of the shows, he used a BDS smoker to smoke some ribs. Since my smoker is starting to degrade (the sides are getting thin) and since I saw him using a 55 gal drum to smoke food, I figured what the hey I'll make my own.

So my search began with Google and eventually ended up on your site.. I managed to pickup a drum from a guy who was selling 60 of them for $5/each. Now the drums were used to store racing fuel, but he had left the tops off of them for weeks to let any flumes evaporate. I figured for $5 if it had a bad smell I'd only be out $5. While it's not done yet, I found a post on your site from a guy that built his own and put up details on how to build it.. I managed to get the top cut off and the only thing that was dirty was the bottom-side of the top that had a oily purple film on it. A little acetone cleaned it right up. The guy that I bought it from said that if I threw some wood in it and had a fire for a couple of hours that it should burn off any flumes/residue left over. I even managed to pick up a 21 1/2" coated grill grate from the local Menards (hate Menards, prefer Home Depot ;) )for $9.00. Going to be stopping over to the local metal-works company tomorrow and picking up some Diamond Mesh and some tube steel for holding the Charcoal in the bottom.

Well, anyways... Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Hopeing to get a pork-butt smoked real soon. :-D Does anyone recommend a good rub prior to smoking?

BTW, I see in quite a few posts that people use the term "pron". What does it mean?

09-30-2008, 01:16 PM
Welcome to our farm.

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09-30-2008, 01:20 PM
Welcome to the jungle! :cool:

09-30-2008, 01:27 PM
Welcome to the smoke!

A UDS/BDS is the way to go (IMHO) but I would be leary of the drum you are using. At the very least burn it hot and long.

Post pics as you go.

09-30-2008, 01:34 PM
Welcome to The Brethren. Grab a cold one, have a seat, and stay a while.

BTW, I see in quite a few posts that people use the term "pron". What does it mean?

It is often used in the term "food pron" when we display BBQ pictures of food that get us excited enough to drool over. Just reverse the "r" and "o" for better clarity. "Pron" is used to avoid corporate type filtering of web sites.

09-30-2008, 01:55 PM
Thanks for the welcome and I'll try to post up some pics when I start working on it again.

09-30-2008, 02:03 PM

and spices...


Single Fin Smoker
09-30-2008, 02:09 PM
Make sure to take lots of pics(pron) of your drum in process. Also, make sure to take pics(pron) of your first cook.

Tons of information here, shared by country gents.


09-30-2008, 02:35 PM
Hey, welcome to the Brethren, bro!


we'll smoke u
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welcome aboard

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Welcome to the camp,

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Welcome aboard!

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Good to have ya TT.
Welcome to the best clubhouse on the web!

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Greetings and Salutations!

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Welcome Brother.

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Welcome to our crazy little club house!

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Welcome this is a great place

10-01-2008, 02:57 AM
welcome and recommendations on rub/spices. Dizzy pigs and Plowboys rubs!

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WELCOME - ttleser!!!

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Welcome to the site ttleser (http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/member.php?u=7952).

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Welcome to the best BBQ forum on the 'net!

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Welcome aboard Brother.

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Welcome brother

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Welcome ttleser.

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:-D Does anyone recommend a good rub prior to smoking?quote]
Yep - we all get massages before we cook...

Welcome to the party!

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Welcome to the treehouse!
Be sure to read the "Ugly drum smoker" thread.........ALL OF IT!!!!!

There will be a QUIZ...

10-02-2008, 12:29 AM
Welcome. and post pics as you go with your build, I would really like to see if when you burn the drum there is any trace of the fuel left. I doubt it but it might be fun to watch.

Brian in So Cal
10-02-2008, 12:49 AM