View Full Version : Score Range for GC's in 2008

08-17-2008, 08:56 PM
I just noticed on Pickled Pig's website a list exists noting the contest, and total points attained by the GC at that event.


What I found odd was that GC points in calendar year 2008 have ranged from 610 to 691 points..

In the Northeast/mid-Atlantic, it's not that common to see scores above 640 and when it does happen it's typically 1-2 teams at most... yet in other parts on the country, 650-680 seems to happen frequently for GC's.

Is the BBQ better or are the judges more lenient ?


Buster Dog BBQ
08-17-2008, 09:36 PM
You know, I was wondering a similar thing last year. Seemed after August scores started going down. They seemed to peek in June-July. Wonder if the judges just had enough.

08-18-2008, 08:55 AM
I'm guessing the Q is not necessarily better around here but I could be wrong. I first thought that I wanna go compete in the northeast because a 640 around here gets you middle of the pack (trust me, I know this from experience... a lot). But then I figured I'd just get lower scores back east so I'm going to say it's the judges. And that's not a knock at them... they probably just have a different idea of what's good and what's not good based on their particular experience eating BBQ out east.

08-18-2008, 09:55 AM
I have found I scored a lot higher around Kansas City (the Kansas/Missouri area in general). But the field as a whole scores higher as well (as Jeff mentioned, 640 gets you 15th place here).

My assumption (and it is nothing more) is that this area of the country has been hosting KCBS sanctioned contests for a long time (25-30 years - just a guess). That gives them a good 10 to 15 year head start on the rest of the country using KCBS CBJ's.

It's also pretty well known that older CBJ's score higher in general. This lead to the revamping of the KCBS scoring procedure 5 or 6 years ago when 180's were flying around every weekend.

I just think a lot of veteran CBJ's are still out here and they are more likely to score just a little higher.